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makoto and haru may move apart, but their relationship can brave anything

just a tiny part of something i wanna finish!


Coach Tachibana (◕‿◕✿)

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six years

series: ookiku furikabutte
characters: kawai kazuki, shimazaki shingo
no warnings apply.

You can’t dedicate six years of your life to being so serious.

Read at AO3.

a tosei ensemble piece written for koshien exchange 2014, prompted by the very patient and generous tumblr user kasukabes

Koshien Exchange (2014) | Archive of Our Own


We’re posting about it a few weeks after the fact, but the Koshien Exchange 2014 Fanfic Collection is live on the AO3!

Go read, comment, leave kudos, and make recommendations to your friends if you haven’t already!

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"I, a universe of atoms, an atom in the universe."

Richard Feynman, The Value of Science (1955)

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commanderchesthair asked: How about Ymir/Historia? And it's really great to see you on my dash again! ☼

A+ as well! ymir/historia is a pairing that is difficult not to ship despite any issues you have with in-canon or fandom characterization (absolutely cannot stand a lot of fanon surrounding them). and there’s a lot of avenues that i’d love to explore with them!

(… and aww, thank-you.)

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"i really want to order chinese food but all of these reviews are from white people…"

my friend ruminating on ordering take-out on a sunday noon

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gone fishin’

Anonymous asked: Annie/Bertolt

i know that i’ve been waning out of fandom for a while, but if you had any doubt that my response would be anything but an A++, then i am very offended. 

Anonymous asked: punpun/aiko punpun/sachi and seki/shimizu from oyasumi punpun for the ship meme! :)

oh boy. this is where my trash ship tastes reveal themselves.

  1. punpun/aiko: A+ but i fully acknowledge that they’re absolutely terrible for each other and that is the main reason why i enjoy their relationship. they were in love with the idea of each other. they’re all sorts of messed up, believing that the reappearance of the other would solve their dissatisfaction with life and then once they reunited, they quickly became disillusioned. i love them for their toxicity, but at the same time, do not condone any of their naivety? it’s difficult to explain concisely. 
  2.  punpun/sachi: … D is neutral, but somehow i feel like D exaggerates my lack of feeling for this pairing. i really like sachi as a character and she was wonderful for punpun. i don’t really see how punpun (specifically) was good for her, though, aside from being a fairly reliable person in her life (until suddenly he isn’t).
  3. seki/shimizu: if i had paid more attention to the good vibrations subplot, they’d probably be more of a B+ but i’ll say C for now. i’m due for a reread eventually, and i’ll take the time to read more slowly and appreciate all of the side-characters.

evonee asked: Mikasa/Sasha

B! i’m definitely interested in their dynamic, and think that they stand to learn a lot from each other. you can aptly say that their difference in experience amounts to one person having the theoretical knowledge on how to “hunt,” having been taught from a textbook, while the other person as practical knowledge, having learnt from hands-on experience and generations of family hunting.

from their interactions, you’re reminded that mikasa is still a young girl and that sasha is more than just humour relief… which is something that fandom should take note of.